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The game formerly known as NFL Blitz was a 7v7 concept of football. Here’s who we would pick to be on our 7v7 team from the Kirk Ferentz era.

It’s a trend going around Twitter, and it’s a slow time in Iowa football news so I thought I would take a step at putting together an elite 7v7 team (NFL Blitz style) made up entirely of Kirk Ferentz era Hawkeyes.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, you pick a QB, HB, WR/TE, OL, DL, LB, and DB that you would use to play both ways (this piece is key to understanding the picks here).

Here’s mine:

Quarterback: Brad Banks

  • This was pretty easy. In a 7v7 style game, you need a quarterback who can play a position on defense. The Iowa football team isn’t exactly known for having superior athletes at the position so I went with Brad Banks, who was the last true dual-threat quarterback the Hawkeyes have had. I also gave consideration to Drew Tate, but Banks athleticism is better.

Running back: Akrum Wadley

  • Running the ball isn’t much of a thing in NFL Blitz so you want a running back who can catch the ball out of the backfield. I may have some recency bias, but I would want Akrum Wadley on my team. We can line him in the slot, and I think he could be a solid defensive back.

Wide receiver/Tight end: Noah Fant

  • Dallas Clark was also under consideration here as was Marvin McNutt, but Noah Fant is a freak of an athlete, and speed kills in NFL Blitz. The biggest selling point though is that he was recruited by some schools to play defensive end. Next to Robert Gallery and AJ Epenesa, he would be lethal on defense too.

Offensive line: Robert Gallery

  • Originally recruited to be a tight end, Robert Gallery eventually made his way to the tackle spot and never looked back putting together one of the best careers an offensive lineman can have with the Iowa football program. I like the idea of being able to line him up as a tight end on offense if needed or a nose tackle on defense.

Defensive line: AJ Epenesa

  • This guy just has to way too much strength and athleticism for Big Ten offensive lineman. Although I have no idea how he projects as an offensive lineman when this 7v7 team has the ball, I can only imagine he could still do some damage at his size.

Linebacker: Amani Hooker

  • I was struggling to pick a linebacker between all of the great linebackers that have played for the Iowa football team so I cheated a bit and went with Amani Hooker who was essentially a linebacker last season. His versatility and ability to impact the game at all three levels would be huge for me plus he has solid ball skills making him an asset on offense. Bob Sanders also could have been in this spot as well.

Defensive Back: Desmond King

  • One of the greatest corners in Iowa football history, King is a great athlete who was originally recruited as a running back out of high school. He would lock down the opposing teams best receiver easily.

I firmly believe this team could take on any other fictional 7v7 team.

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What are your thoughts? Who would you put on your Iowa football 7v7 team?